Vinyl Decks



  • Vinyl decks are fairly hardy. Most stain- and scratch-resistant vinyl decking is also able to withstand insects, mold, and mildew without much maintenance.

  • Vinyl decking won't cause splinters. Because of its man-made composition, vinyl decks don't act like wood, meaning it won't need maintenance, like sanding in worn spots.

  • Vinyl decking mimics wood in graining. Many vinyl deck options closely resemble the grain of wood, which can be a plus for homeowners hoping for the advantages of man-made material but the look of traditional wood decking.

  • Vinyl decking comes in a range of sizes, lengths, and widths. Vinyl decking can be installed as tongue and groove or in planks; it is also made into rails, moldings, and other accessories that add the finishing touch to a deck.