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Will New Windows Save you Money?

Sometimes sales people that sell replacement windows exaggerate how much money home owners might save on their heating and cooling bills once new windows are installed properly.

The reality is the money you may save depends on a couple factors. The materials your existing windows were manufactured of and the quality of the glass, how thick and how many panes.

Is your home well insulated? How large is your home and how many windows need to be replaced? What climate is your home subjected to and is your home well shaded?

Of course, once you have taken the time to properly research whether the cost of installation and the price of the new windows will save you money. It’s important to consider the energy efficiency and compare how well your new windows will protect you from the environment. The price per unit can range from several hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on your choice in materials and the extra features you choose and total price of the installation.

The selections you choose when you order your new windows about style, glazing, materials, and installation may have a significant impact on your energy bill. Some additional features to consider, like how easy they are to take care of, make windows more attractive for ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Different window frame materials will affect the looks, durability, and insulation cost of your new windows. Wood-framed windows provide great insulation, but are heavier and are harder to maintain. A better choice for you may be Vinyl-frame windows because they insulate well, and don't incur the additional cost of painting.

Your selection of style and materials will affect how well your windows insulate. Single-hung, double-hung, and sliding glass windows can leak more air than awning, casement and hopper windows even when properly installed.

Certain window glazes and glass might offer better insulation, light quality, and moisture resistance. Windows with (low-e) coatings are often provide additional energy efficiency than windows without. Some materials and options, like tilt-in sashes, make windows easier to maintain and take less time to clean.

When your windows are installed by the professionals at AD Hogg Builders Inc. and according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you can expect to receive the comfort and savings you paid for.

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