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Top Home Remodeling Upgrades For 2019 | 2020

A recent survey found that just as many homeowners are remodeling to achieve an updated, more aesthetically pleasing home for their family, as for the purpose of boosting its resale value. Based on media reports of "hot" remodel trends and the preferences of home designers' clients, here are the most popular home upgrades this year, expected to continue into 2020.

  • "Smart" kitchen appliances. Top kitchen upgrades include no-touch faucets, automatic in-cabinet lighting, wireless charging stations, sleek induction cooktops with electromagnetic fields that interact only with a compatible magnetic pan or pot, a remotely controlled thermostat, lighting system, appliances and door locks when at home and away.

  • Modern farmhouse sinks. They have been around for a few years, but these large, single-basin sinks are growing in popularity now. Some models come with a cover to create more counter space, or hide dirty dishes.

  • Darker, moodier color palettes. An increasing preference for darker, moodier colors, such as navy, charcoal and forest green in wall paint and fabrication, is based on a desire to create a more impactful ambiance that expresses greater depth of feeling and character.

  • Natural materials. There is a big shift toward natural materials for both interior and exterior design features. Furnishings and accessories, such as light fixtures, dining table benches, sculpture, artwork, fabrics and finishes crafted by local artisans are being embraced as a way to reflect the homeowners' personal values and style.

  • A "backsplashed" wall. This innovative design element is converting a kitchen or bathroom walls into dramatic focal point of gleaming tile in jewel tones or oversized, geometric patterns, that stretch from counter to ceiling, floor to ceiling, or that accentuate floating shelves or shadowy recessed spaces.

  • Destination Bathrooms. As bathrooms evolve from small, utilitarian spaces to large spa-inspired environments, homeowners are focusing on high-tech, luxury and relaxation-promoting features. Desirable upgrades include soaking tubs, warming drawers for towels and robes, Bluetooth systems, TV screens, toilets that open and flush automatically, and heated flooring.

  • Glass-and-steel room dividers. The popularity of open floor plans has sparked a desire for view-through interior space partitions. Thin metal-and-glass walls and doors are being used to maintain the open ambiance, while preserving privacy and subduing unwanted light and noise without closing off the room. Glass space dividers are also being used as design elements for added visual interest.

  • A Kitchen that open to a deck or patio. Open kitchen/eating areas are now going beyond the typical French doors to a full window wall, or a collapsible exterior wall section that opens to a patio or deck. In addition, more homeowners than ever are upgrading their decks and patios to well-appointed entertainment areas with comfortable, high-quality outdoor furnishings, portable bars and small refrigerators.

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