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Modern Bathroom Trend Designs

According to design experts' media reports, today's home buyers want bathrooms that go beyond the usual functionality, and many home owners are upgrading their bathrooms with luxurious, spa-inspired features.

In addition, technology in the bath has an ever-growing appeal to those who want a healthier, safer home environment. The new tech-savvy bathrooms have feature like programmable shower water settings, environmentally friendly "smart" toilets and sinks, Bluetooth speakers and TV screens.

The top bathroom trends:

Half-Bath and Powder Room Makeovers. Half-baths are now targeted for makeovers that create a bold personal design statement. Modern half-bath features include geometric or natural-textured wall paper, darker paint colors and matte-finished fixtures.

A Soaking Tub. Increasing awareness of the benefits of "self-nurturing" may be a factor in the desirability of adding relaxation elements to the bathroom. The soaking tub is a huge trend that began in 2018 and remains wildly popular, with 69% of bathroom remodels including a standard tub being replaced with a soaking tub.

The "Smart" Toilet. Another bathroom trend is a highly efficient, eco-friendly toilet with minimal, sleek lines. They come with bidets for those who prefer cleansing over paper, and some models open and flush automatically, etc.

Black in the Bath. Black-and-white decor is especially dramatic in a small space like a bathroom – ebony walls, black stone surfaces and charcoal or matte black fixtures are features being incorporated in new bathroom designs to create a bold aesthetic.

A Wall-Mounted Ceramic Sink. These sleek, modern-looking sinks can be installed on their own, in a counter or atop a vanity.

A Large, Curbless Shower. A shower large enough to accommodate two people, and with a curbless entry, is high on the desirable-feature list. A "wet room," with a soaking tub and an oversized shower that share one large space and one drain, is also growing in popularity.

An "Invisible" Shower Drain. Walk-in-showers are now featuring a marble slab floor that obscures water drainage lines. Instead of grouted tile, a marble floor, sandblasted for a non-slip surface, looks and feels much more luxurious.

A sensory deprivation tank. Also called flotation devices, or float tanks, these devices now have sculpted, attractive styling for in-home use, and are used to achieve relaxation and other health benefits. One tank model contours to the user's body and features a voice-activated "waterfall" onto the user's shoulders.

Matte Metal Faucets. A recent survey revealed that matte nickel is the most popular faucet and fixture finish in master bathroom remodeling today. Matte black, charcoal and ice grey finishes are also big sellers, with some of these finishes available in antique-inspired designs.

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