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Kitchen Design Trends In 2019

White-on-white kitchens with shiny stainless steel appliances, neutral floors and countertops are losing their popularity. In 2019 (and beyond) trends in kitchen design are shifting to "let's mix it up!" While traditional elements will continue to be features of modern kitchens, the fresh approach is to include more contemporary style elements, such as natural materials – stone, basalt tiles, rattan, wood, jute, and vintage-inspired fixtures. The common thread of these new style trends is to create more freshness, warmth, depth, interest and beauty.

A Broad Style Palette

Bohemian style – aka "boho chic," is defined by a fresh mix of colors, materials, textures and textiles, combined with new twists on the basic elements, such as leather and wood drawer pulls – a kind of freestyle décor that imparts a warmer, more charming sensibility.

A "moody" ambiance – a moody kitchen style incorporates muted, darker colors, matte finishes, pewter, bronze and brass hardware, etc., to create a depth of feeling. Muted colors, such as storm blue, are becoming the "new neutrals" for kitchen accents or walls. At a minimum, it is adding darker accent color, such as gray-washed cabinets, or hunter green counter stools.

Upper Open Shelving

While some people prefer to hide their dishes and glasses behind cabinet doors, a growing number want to showcase their view-worthy kitchen wares. Hence, the trend towards replacing upper kitchen cabinets with metal, wood or glass shelving. Well-designed, open shelving can add a bold, post-minimalist statement that many homeowners want to make.

Tech Advances

Technology continue to bring innovations to the kitchen. Coffeemakers prepare your morning brew before you're out of bed, and big wine fridges have evolved into restaurant-inspired, single-pour preservation systems. There are now slim range hoods that retract and turn on automatically, and sleek induction cook tops, increasingly popular for their seamless design.

Vinyl Tile Backsplashes

Instead of rectangular tile, bigger, bolder patterns that can replace the need for backsplash entirely. More and more walls are being completely covered with either tile, or a solid surface like quartz from the floor to the ceiling. People are happier with the clean, finished look.

Add the tiles in one display or scattered for an overall design.

A backsplash or recess is the ideal place to introduce a decorative panel of tiles in a kitchen scheme.

The "Living Kitchen" Trend

Concrete kitchen work surface, which is the perfect choice for incorporating the 'living-kitchen' trend into your scheme. Another way to achieve this is to make hardworking aspects of the room as understated as possible, so that they blend seamlessly with the interior design.

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