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The Right Bathroom Upgrades Adds Value To Your Home

According to home design experts at the HGTV website, "Kitchen and bathroom remodels continue to be two of the best investments you can make in your house." Most real estate professionals agree that an up-to-date kitchen and a renovated or newly added bathroom are at the top of most home-buyer checklists.

Their advice on bathroom renovations – for resale value, focus on visual appeal: beautiful tile, pleasant colors, sleek, gleaming fixtures...

make all the difference.

The Smartest Bathroom Upgrades

Nothing beats the appeal of a brand new or fully upgraded bathroom that is beautiful, highly functional and stylish. To whatever extent your budget allows, add the most desirable features for the most appeal to home-buyers. Focus on upgrades that add a "wow factor," beautiful, warm-toned metal faucets, and some touches of luxury.

You can even add technology to the bathroom now, with digital shower controls that assure the same water temperature every time you step into the shower. There's even a model that lets you turn on the shower from your phone! The newer models have sleek designs that will blend with any bathroom’s décor.

For Bathrooms - Size Matters

Increasing the size of your bathroom, or creating the illusion that it is bigger than it actually is, will add to its desirability. For instance, replacing a tub with a glass-enclosed shower can make the bathroom look roomier. Bright light fixtures and wall sconces reflecting their light in a mirror increase the volume of light in the room, making it seem more spacious.

For some home-buyers, the number of bathrooms, including a guest powder room, are of paramount importance for their next home.

The most desirable bathroom upgrades are:

  • Double sinks

  • Lots of storage

  • A "rain" showerhead

  • Heated floors

  • A jetted or soaking tub

  • Seating in the shower

  • Abundant natural light

Research the bathroom features of homes selling well in your area. If most have double sinks, for instance, match that features in your own bathroom upgrade, to keep your house desirable and competitive.

Use High Quality Features and Finishes

Since bathrooms are relatively small spaces, a few higher-end materials and finishes may be more affordable than you think, and a smart investment for making it look and feel more luxurious. Use some higher-end materials for wall and floor coverings, countertops, etc., to the extent your budget can bear.

Keep a Neutral Color Palette

Despite the current trend of dark paint colors on bathroom walls, it is still a good idea to stay within a neutral range of colors and whites for more popular appeal. In addition, be sure the color palette harmonize with the colors and décor of the rest of the house.

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