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Tips For Planning A Great Bathroom Renovation

An older bathroom can usually be updated within its current square footage and layout. However, if there is available space, and your budget will allow it, expanding the size of a bathroom, especially for a master suite, is a wise choice for both your personal enjoyment and adding value to your home.

Whether you plan to update an

existing bathroom, or add a new one, here are a few tips and options to help you maximize your smart choices from the beginning.

Consider Aesthetics. Decide what you want to see (or your guests to see) when glimpsing through the open bathroom door (hopefully, anything but the toilet): a sleek vanity and mirror; gleaming hardware; an interesting piece of art; a rustic retreat, or a spa-like environment?

Think About the Lighting. A well-lit bathroom space has a combination of natural light, bright task lighting, and mood-enhancing ambient light. Improving light fixtures and their placement, such as sconces on either side of a mirror, add function and beauty. If you are going for a more rustic look, look into using industrial lighting instead of traditional fixtures.

Sink Placement and Height. Countertops are usually 32-34 inches from the floor. If you have especially tall or short members of your family, you could customize the counter height to your needs. Certain sink styles, such as a top-mounted vessel sink, will add to a counter’s height, so you would need to lower the counter to be able to reach the sink comfortably. If your bathroom is a tight squeeze, a corner sink could free up some floor space.

Your Storage Needs. A modern bathroom should never be cluttered. Consider shower shelving, vanity drawer organizers, and other forms of storage for your bath. Do you really need a medicine cabinet? The trend now is to use an in-bathroom linen closet or shelving for storage instead.

Should You Replace the Tub with a Glass-enclosed Shower? If you don’t use your tub very often, think about converting it into a beautiful, gleaming glass-enclosed shower. This can be a cost-effective transition, since the plumbing would not need to be rerouted.

Drying Out the Bathroom. Removing moisture in the bathroom avoids having to deal with mold and mildew. A good fan that vents to the outside (not into an attic) and a window that can be opened are the best methods of keeping your bathroom dry.

When a tile floor meets carpet or hardwood. If your bathroom has a tile floor, but the hallway or next room has hardwood or carpeting, it can be a challenge to have them meet properly. A professional flooring contractor can advise you on how to successful connect the different flooring types.

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