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Three Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom

A bathroom renovation does not always have to be a full-on major remodel with all-new customized features and finishes. Sometimes, a wonderful transformation comes about by simply upgrading the fixtures. For example, a little-used bathtub can be converted to a glass-enclosed shower without having to re-route the plumbing.

In many cases, a bathroom can be improved without changing its current layout, which saves time and money. However, if you want to add a soaking tub, a larger shower or double sinks, you will probably need to get some extra square footage from an adjacent space to make that happen.

Whether you have big changes or a few modifications in mind, a list of prioritized wants and needs will help you focus on what is most important – more storage in the bathroom, a new vanity, upgraded fixtures, a soaking tub, etc. A prioritized list can also help you stay on budget.

Generally, there are three stages at which you can renovate a bathroom: keeping it simple with just cosmetic changes, focus on mainly upgrading the fixtures, and a fully customized redesign.

Cosmetic Changes

These are visual improvements that are easy and fun to make – like replacing a mirror over a vanity, re-painting the existing cabinet doors, installing a new light fixture, replacing the toilet seat, etc. Even adding a piece of artwork, a colorful new rug or a potted plant can refresh the ambience of a dull bathroom.

Fixture Upgrades

This next level of renovation involves mostly updating the plumbing fixtures, faucets, showerhead, etc. Before replacing fixtures, check for leaks or other damage, and fix them to avoid future problems. This stage also includes upgrading the flooring, tile work and lighting, replacing a standard tub with a jetted one, and installing a rain or multi-spray showerhead fixture. A well-designed bathroom provides greater pleasure to its users. Since bathrooms are relatively small areas, using a few high-end materials or finishes may be more affordable than you think.

A Fully Customized Bathroom

The third level of renovation is a total redesign the bathroom space, usually involving the enlargement of its footprint, replacing all the fixtures and features, often with high-end materials and finishes, and adding luxury features like a spa or an oversized shower. A full bathroom renovation is an opportunity to create an environment of exceptional beauty, luxury and relaxation; perfectly tailored to your individual needs and personal style.

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