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What Type of Cabinetry Is Best For Your Kitchen?

Basic Types of Kitchen Cabinets

If you are thinking about replacing or updating your kitchen cabinets, start with the basics. There are three types of kitchen cabinetry – stock or pre-made, part stock/part custom, and fully custom designed.

If you must have your new cabinets in a week or less, are working with a small budget, and do not mind having a short list of finishes, sizes and styles to choose from, the stock cabinet route may be the best one for your kitchen. Pre-made cabinets can be found pre-assembled at home centers, or can be purchased in flat boxes that you assemble yourself.

Custom cabinets are hand-made in your local area. They can vary in quality, so choose your cabinetmaker carefully. There are many advantages to custom-designed cabinets. First, the cabinets will fit your kitchen perfectly. Customizing give you many more options of color, style, fit, hardware and accessories.

Look for a cabinetmaker with an established reputation; one that uses high-quality materials and offers a large selection of finishes, door styles and storage options. Consider, too, that investing in custom cabinetry can be a significant upgrade to your home's value. Delivery time for custom cabinets can be up to six to eight weeks.

Part stock-part custom designed cabinetry offers more features than stock cabinets, like a choice of door styles and finishes, and usually require less waiting time than for custom cabinetry. Semi-custom cabinets are available in more configurations than stock cabinets, so there's a better chance they'll fit your kitchen well. The quality can range widely, though, depending on the company, so do your homework and find reviews from past customers.

Optional Cabinet Features and Accessories

Accessories improve the efficiency and functionality of kitchen cabinets. Pull-out trash bins, a built-in charging station, spring-loaded shelving that swings up and out for small appliances, and touch-to-open cabinet doors are all time- and hassle-saving conveniences.

Integrated lighting, such as under-cabinet lights, or lights that turn on automatically when cabinets or drawers are opened, a coffee-service component, and custom-configured storage areas are other convenient features worth considering for your kitchen cabinet upgrade.


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