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Kitchen Makeover Checklist

Today's kitchens are places where families and friends spend a good amount of time together. If you are thinking about increasing the functionality of your kitchen, updating your appliances, gaining more storage, or improve your kitchen's flow, start by making a checklist of your needs and wants. Following are some categories you may want to include on your checklist:

Improve Layout. Assess the efficiency of your current kitchen's layout. Poor layout is a very common kitchen complaint. Does the placement of your sink, refrigerator, countertops and appliances minimize your movements and maximize your efficiency. Are you and others in the kitchen continually bumping into each other when prepping food and cooking?

Update Appliances. Are your appliances outdated, or not as efficient, or quiet, as they used to be? Do you need a larger refrigerator, a new dishwasher, or could really use a trash compactor. The technical innovations in appliances today are not only amazing, but add a lot of functionality, convenience and efficiency to our kitchens.

Decluttering. Most kitchens have a clutter problem. It is difficult to function well in a distracting sea of "stuff" that should be stored away when not in use. If you need to increase your kitchen's storage capacity, installing a new storage system that will help you keep your small appliances, utensils, spices, etc., off your countertops and out of site until they are needed.

Upgrade Plumbing. Want better water flow? A stainless steel double sink or a farm sink? A pot-filler over your stove? A quiet dishwasher? Besides adding convenience and saving utility costs, modern plumbing fixtures can also enhance the beauty and ambience of a kitchen.

A Kitchen Island. Would you family benefit from more seating in the kitchen? Do you need more places to store small appliances or a space for recycling bins? A custom-built island can address your storage and workspace needs with more countertop, cabinetry, drawer space and shelving.

Better Lighting. Do you have sufficient light in food prep areas? Are there dark or shadowy areas in your kitchen? A well-lit kitchen creates an efficient, pleasant- to-work-in space. Adding lighting under cabinets will illuminate counter spaces. Ceiling height, natural light and surface finishes are some of the factors that will determine the amount and placement of lighting.

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