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Gain Kitchen Space by Adding an Island

A multi-use island, designed and sized for your existing kitchen, can add a lot more functionality to your kitchen than just more counter space. It also provides a significant amount of new cabinetry, open shelving, places for appliances (like a dishwasher, wine cooler, microwave, or prep sink) and a space for your recycling bins.

As houses get bigger, so do the dimensions of their kitchens – which often means greater distances between the refrigerator, stove and sink. A custom-built island can greatly improve a kitchen's work triangle, to make food preparation faster and more efficient.

Besides more prep and storage space, a big plus to a kitchen island is that it provides extra seating for family and guests who seem to always congregate in the kitchen area. Kids can be closer to kitchen activities, and have the additional space to participate in their own food prep. We can customize certain islands amenities, such as a microwave or a refrigerated drawer, to be at a kid-friendly height, making it easier for them to independently access their snacks and early weekend breakfast choices. If your kitchen is small, we can design and install an "eating island" that extends into an adjacent room that would accommodate up to six people.

Another big plus for adding a custom-designed island is the availability of options for adding beauty and impact to your home. A well-functioning, modern (or décor-compatible) island can add design elements, such as color, texture, custom hardware or shelving, and other special features that will give balance to your home's décor and enhance its overall ambiance.

Get in touch with us soon to discuss your needs and wants for improving your kitchen. We are ready to assist you with designing the best functionality of your kitchen, large or small; and installing your new kitchen features with the greatest care, efficiency and professionalism.


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