Midrange Baths



Here are just a few reasons why letting A D Hogg Builders update your home with a new midrange bath. Soaking in a hot bath has a long and detailed history. Submerging ourselves in water, whether in a bathing receptacle or in a natural body of water is something we do for both personal hygiene, leisure and health.


  • Bathing can improve your health by increasing circulation around the body and to the extremities.

  • Taking a bath may help you breathe easier by immersing in water past your chest with your head out, this can have a good influence on lung capacity and oxygen intake.

  • Submergence in water can reduce pain and inflammation and also calm the nervous system, reducing the levels of stress and anxiety in the body and improving your mood.

  • Stretching and moving in water has been shown to be low impact on the joints, muscles and bones, but very effective in providing an adequate workout through resistance.